Asset Finance

Hilco Asset Finance is the Western European asset finance house. We provide and/or buy loans or assets in the corporate segment through excellent research and execution with respect of the European values. HAF is an incorporated company under the Hilco Group and primarily focuses on the Western European (distressed) loan market.


Your Challenge

  • Banks exposed to distressed loans willing to sell portfolios and/or assets
  • Leasing companies with distressed loans willing to sell portfolios and/or assets
  • Pan-European financing possibilities
  • Companies looking to sell off their assets to improve liquidity
  • Distressed M&A transactions / Carve outs

Our Expertise

  • In depth knowledge about assets (capital goods)
  • Cross border deals and an international presence
  • Large network of parties (asset and finance parties)
  • Dedicated team with extensive deal experience

Industries Served

Metalworking Woodworking Food Pharmaceutical Cosmetics Electronics Printing Energy and Mining Trading Companies

Medium-sized companies from the traditional manufacturing industry

Avarage annual turnover
from EUR 25-500 million

Capital requirement
between EUR 5-50 million

The advantages
at a glance:

  • Fast and flexible supply of liquidity
  • Continued use of machines after sale without interrupting production
  • Credit- and bank-independent financing
  • Strengthening of the equity ratio and thus of the credit rating
  • Tax deductibility of lease installments as operating expenses
  • Reduce dependency on house banks by diversifying the financing structure

Possible occasions
for cooperation:

  • Company restructuring
  • Pay-off of existing bank loans
  • Take-over
  • Management buy-out
  • Management buy-in
  • Expansion

Hilco Asset Finance

part of Hilco Global

We are part of the Hilco Global network. Hilco Global has over 40+ locations, across 26 countries.
Backed by our global network and infrastructure, we pride ourselves on our local knowledge in key markets across the Western-European region. Whether it’s local, national or global, we have a team of experts in your corner.

Hilco Asset Finance
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